We provide meaningful, authentic, personally tailored support for authors so they can spend more time writing.

It’s an industry truism that effective author branding isn’t just about selling books, it’s about connecting—giving busy strangers something to make them laugh, or think, or feel for a moment that they aren’t alone in the world. It’s about finding your audience and getting to know them, then staying active so they don’t have the chance to forget you.

It’s about building relationships. 


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social media 

 Not enough hours in the day? Let us handle Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads for you so you have more time to do the stuff nobody else can do,  like write.


 If interacting online doesn’t come naturally to you, let us “be” you on social media so you maintain a consistent, active author presence
without the stress.

blog posts

 If you’d rather be writing your next book than your next blog post, let us create original content for your author blog. You can give us a topic or let us suggest something.

sanity-saving assistance

Sometimes you need a sherpa, and sometimes you need a lackey: we can be both. Let us handle project management, giveaways, research, and more.


What do we mean by “authentic engagement”?

A successful social-media presence for authors isn’t just about selling books, it’s about interacting with readers and potential readers in a real and meaningful way, actively engaged in sharing your world with them and being part of theirs. It’s about authenticity.



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We use a lot of potentially befuddling social-media and marketing terms here (what’s the difference between platform and brand? Is a bio the same as a profile?) but we thought of that, and we’ve got you covered. Acquaint yourself with the RAR glossary to find out what these terms mean to us and how they apply to you.


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Who’s this guy?

You may see him around the website, and on RAR’s social media. His name is Edgar Quentin TheSaurus, and despite his intimidating size and general saurian appearance, he’s a big softy who, unlike the rest of his family, would rather read a book than eat it.


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