RAR was established in 2016, when Jane Ryder, who’d worked directly with authors for nearly a decade, realized how much most of them either hated social media, or found it impossible to balance working, writing, and promoting themselves with having any kind of time for their families and the day-to-day stuff known as “Life.”

After Jane decided to create a new company to address this problem, she approached a couple of superheroes she happened to know, who graciously agreed to take part. The combined experience of this core staff adds up to several decades of editing, writing, promoting, schmoozing, and talking authors off metaphorical ledges.

But because of our years in various facets of the writing and publishing biz, RAR can also draw on a larger pool of talent, which gives us access to a wide variety of skills, writing styles, and design techniques. In addition, we know a lot of other great people involved in pretty much all aspects of book writing, editing, production, and marketing, so if there’s something you need that we don’t do, tell us and we can probably point you toward someone awesome who does.

At the end of the day, we’re word nerds who love nothing more than spending our days talking, tweeting, posting, pinning, and otherwise engaging with other word people. 

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 Our Approach

We’re not the first people to offer social-media management and other brand-awareness campaigns for authors, but what sets us apart is, in a word, authenticity. Yes, we’re experienced and knowledgeable professionals you can count on, but we’re also regular people, and we’re going to be ourselves.

While it’s true that we’re capable of geeking out over a wide variety of passions, fandoms, causes, and ideas, what we ultimately believe in is the power of storytelling to transform the world. The way we communicate matters.

This means we approach everything we do with respect and a desire to be helpful. Sure, we’re here to get you exposure, reviews, engagement, good word of mouth, and a positive online presence—you know, all the stuff the publishing pundits say you need to sell books in the digital age—but we don’t believe the way to do that is to try to sell people things.

We believe the way to build a loyal and supportive audience is by focusing on what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. To that end, we don’t do blanket, generic blasts loudly insisting people buy your book; instead, we identify your readers and potential readers, and look for ways to engage them that are meaningful and authentic, week after week.

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RAR Culture


It may sound hokey, but we actually believe in things like ethics and honesty, and we think social media is the perfect place to practice them.


Hard-selling is for car dealerships, not creative endeavors. We’ll never
treat your book like a product,
and we’ll never treat people
like means to an end.


We believe approaching every interaction with a positive spirit really does help make the world better for all of us, and we think
that’s important.


Our motto is “You catch more flies with funny pet videos than with just about anything else.”
Or something like that.


We do not engage in trolling, roasting, flaming, burning, schooling, dissing, owning, or any other forms of
aggressive Internet behavior. We’d rather just talk to people.



We believe in offering understanding instead of judgment, keeping our ears and minds open, helping instead of condemning, and that the Golden Rule is golden for a reason.


Meet the team!

Jane Ryder

Jane was born and raised in Tucson, but has traveled and moved a lot, which she believes has been at least as educational as her actual education. She has been a writer all her life and has worked with books and authors in various capacities for almost as long—as a typist, proofreader, librarian, editor, project manager, consultant, and occasional therapist. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Patrick O’Brian, and Terry Pratchett, but her all-time favorite book is The Enemy Papers by Barry Longyear. She’s an outgoing introvert, which confuses a lot of people, and a practitioner of Zen. She spends her off hours snuggling cats, reading, watching character-driven television, playing computer games, pondering the nature of the universe, and quietly recharging her emotional batteries.

Amanda Okpisz

Amanda was also born and raised in Tucson but will move away to somewhere greener and wetter, eventually. During her time in higher education, Amanda realized a love for the production side of creative projects. Able to see the big picture and small details simultaneously, she found that corralling creative types and making sure their visions left their head and made it out into the world was her specialty. Total Internet nerd. You can find her with her eyes glued to some sort of media at all times, whether it be streaming her favorite television series and movies, keeping up with her favorite social-media platforms, engrossed in the latest Nintendo title, or deep into the chapters of a book. Amanda is a fan of sarcasm, cats, cold beverages, and warm blankets.


Edgar showed up at the office one morning, said “Rar” in a companionable way, and got right to work. We ran a quick background check to clear him with Homeland Security, and he’s been a beloved member of the team ever since. He doesn’t like to talk about himself, though, so all we’ve been able to find out is that he appears to subsist on Earl Grey and orange Jell-O, is an active philatelist, does an amazing impression of H.R. Pufnstuf, and plays a mean oboe.