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Chris “Private” Little
C.R. “Bro” Fladmark
J.D. “Bubs” Middleton
John “JP” Penteros
Auburn “ Dancing Bird” McCanta
Katy “Mistress Katanya of Katerinaville” Dicke
Mark “Mark Madonna” Madonna
Jeff “Jefe” & Jill “Jillie” Driscoll
Mary “Dark Princess of Suspense” Maddox
Rich “Mensch and a Half” Silvers
Joy “Joykins” Davis
Karinya “It’s Wine O’clock” Funsett
Shannon “Kitten Biscuit” Roberts
Don “Apex” Williams
Marji “Happy Sasquatch” Weary
Nan “Corgis ‘n’ Wine” Hanway
Catfish “Big Damn Hero” Baruni
Maria & Bill “Best Bosses Ever” Smith
Gary “Gaz” Caruso
Evan “I Could Teach History” Brown
Susan “Atlantean” MacIver and Duke “Behind the Scenes” Ayers
Andrew “Look Like a Post-Modern Punk, Talk Like a Lawyer” Jarms, Esquire
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Felix
Meaghan “Rougarou” Driscoll
Chad “Chadley” Iwaniuk






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matilda “la fluffy butt”

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